Interior design, visual, and illustration © Li Chi Su

​¡HOLA! México

coffee lounge & bar


A place for people to learn about Mexican culture and their fascinating foodway.



Family, Unity, Gathering

Family is the core value of Mexican culture and Hola México will achieve this goal by bringing people together whether within the space or from the outside.

design goals


History, Education

Mexico has such a rich history which is what makes this culture  so interesting and fun. With that said, the space will be design into a place where people will be able to learn about the history not just from books but through design.

Entertainment, Fiesta

Hola México wants people that come here to feel the same atmosphere as if they were in Mexico. This includes having Mexican music as background music and having special events/celebrations on certain holidays, such as Day of the Dead or Guelauetza Festival.

site analysis


Located in the McCarthy Building in downtown Syracuse (217 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202), we did research of the surrounding site and the user experience the area.

*Note: This panel layout was done by me.

design development


In this phase, I came up with three mood boards using different elements to show the feeling I wanted to present.

Mexican culture is very colorful. They like to use bright and bold colors in their design. However, I challenged myself by asking "What if I take the colors out? Will I still be able to present Mexican culture by using other elements? "

This mood board shows the basic and most known elements of Mexican culture, including bright colors, patterns, Moravian star light, and skull.

Mexican culture has a very interesting and fascinating history. I wanted to create a experience of a history walkthrough for people who come to the space, which is the main focus of this mood board.

space planning

 design process

final floor plans