Interior design, visual, and illustration © Li Chi Su

group project. members involved: Marcy Wolfsberg, Yelitza Lopez, Wenyi Sun

renderings by Li Chi Su



Salt City Market is a Syracuse market and food hall providing culinary options as diverse as the city. It is designed to showcase the talents of local vendors and to gather the community to share each others stories and backgrounds.

Legonized stems from the idea of how different colored and shaped legos form together to create one cohesive piece just as Salt City Market connects diverse individuals.


design concept




Our goal is to show unity in diversity through colors and shapes. Multiple units of Legonized can be connected to form a sharing counter for vendors. This not only bring the vendors closer but also make sure everyone has an inspiring experience. 


customize & be creative


This design, like lego, can be customized. A separate unit attaches through an arm making the workspace larger. When storing, the arm can be detached for easy transport. In addition to this, the vendor also has the opportunity to use the banner provided or change it to their style.


Legonized provides display case for the customers to see what each vendor has to offer and storage on the vendor's side for additional storage but at the same time, we also make sure that Legonized remains authentic and playful in all four sides.


authentic & effective


technical & materials


All the techical and mechanical parts of Legonized are carefully put into consideration. We provide the easiest yet steady way to put the whole unit together without needing to worry about how to transport or connect each part.